How to see who did what in QuickBooks?

    Kindly provide the steps too

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      If you have multi user access in QuickBooks,you want to see who did what or simply the History in QuickBooks, a functionality termed as Audit Log is used. You can obtain the two types of information from this functionality-the information about the changes made in individual transaction and changes made to a range of transaction. And this functionality can only be viewed by the users who have all access rights.


        1. If you want to see the history of particular transaction, open that..


        1. Go to more at the bottom of the screen and click it.


        1. Go to Audit History


        1. The Audit Trail of this particular transaction will be opened up.


        1. click Show All if you wanted to expand.


        1. click Compare if you wanted to compare.


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      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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