How to Restart QuickBooks Database Server Manager

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    If you may receive the numbers of error code, you may need to restart the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If the following given solution does not work for you then we recommended calling our QuickBooks support number and talk to an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor +1-855-441-4417 toll-free.

    The database server manager must be restarted on the computer that is hosting your company files (this is usually the server). During the QuickBooks installation, you have the option to install only the QuickBooks Database Server Manager or the complete QuickBooks Desktop program.

    If the entire program is installed, QuickBooks database server manager starts automatically by opening QuickBooks.  The database server manager is installed, you must start the program manually.

    When the fully QuickBooks Program is installed on the host or server:

    • Open Quickbooks in the server.
    • From the File tab, select the Open or Restore Company.
    • Choose Open a Company file and then next.
    • Next step Find your company file and select it.
    • Then choose the Open file in Multi-user mode checkbox, click open.
    • You must log into the company file your username and password.
    • Select File > Close Company/Log off to close the company file on the server.

    If only the QBDSM is installed on the host or server:

    Follow the given step if you only installed the QuickBooks Database Server Manager on the server or if the above solution does not resolve the issues.

    • Click on Window Start, then select Control Panel.
    • Then double-clicking on Administrative Tools.
    • After double-clicking on Services.
    • Then right click on the appropriate data manager:
      • QuickBooksDB28 (QuickBooks 2018)
      • QuickBooksDB27 (QuickBooks 2017)
      • QuickBooksDB26 (QuickBooks 2016)
    • Restart.

    If the QBDSM (QuickBooks Database Server Manager) Has stopped working or does not responding.

    Answered on June 24, 2019.
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