How to Processing payroll or payroll forms in an Accountant’s Copy

    Describe How to processing payroll or payroll forms in an Accountant’s Copy

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      As an accountant working in an Accountant’s Copy, you can work on transactions dated on or before the dividing date. Your client continues to work on the company file on transactions dated after the dividing date. To prevent your work from conflicting together with your client’s work, there area unit limitations to what you’ll be able to neutralize associate Accountant’s Copy.

      Note: If the restrictions on using an Accountant’s Copy won’t accommodate your situation, you can convert it to a regular company file. If you do this, your client will not be able to automatically import your changes. He or she will have to enter your changes manually in the company file.


      An Accountant’s Copy prevents you from making any changes that may conflict with your client’s work. Some fields may be disabled in an Accountant’s Copy. In other areas, you may see fields with a highlighted background.

      • Highlighted background: Information you enter in fields with a highlighted background will be included in changes you send back to your client.
      • Without highlighted background: For fields while not the highlighted background, you’ll be able to modify the data within the field if it helps you together with your work, however that info won’t be enclosed within the changes you remit to your consumer.

      Payroll transaction restrictions in Accountant’s Copy

      The following payroll actions cannot be accomplished:

      Processing payroll forms in an Accountant’s Copy

      The transaction restrictions for processing payroll in an Accountant’s Copy do not restrict you from processing payroll tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop using an Accountant’s Copy. All monthly, quarterly, and annual tax forms available in a regular QuickBooks Desktop company file are also available in the Accountant’s Copy.

      Hopefully the answer fulfill your expectations and resolve your queries and we will always there to help you.


      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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