How to Install, set up and use the QuickBooks Pro Timer?

    How to install quickbooks pro timer in our computer system and  set? give the sutable answer.

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      Quickbooks Timer is a separate program that runs independently of the QuickBooks for system window. It is installed the separately from QB. with the Quickbooks Pro timer and you can track the time.Running the pro timer by entering the worked time without QuickBooks. QuickBooks does not install them on a computer, for Ex:- Owner using the computer, partners, company Employee or subcontractors in QuickBooks pro timer.

      Using the four extensions:-

      1. TBD – TBD found the Quickbooks timer directory.
      2. BDB – Use of the BDB in QuickBooks Pro Timer backup file.
      3. LDB – Access the file off.TDB file in Microsoft.
      4. IIF – (Intuit Interchange Format)

      Install, after Download the QuickBooks Pro timer:-

      1. First you download the QB Timer after that downloading the QuickBooks, Install the file.
      2. You are Extracting the zip file your Computer desktop.
      3. After that, you click the setup.exe file.
      4. After installing you start the program.

      Creating the QuickBooks Pro timer data file:-

      1. First you open the Pro timer from the shortcut on your Computer Desktop.
      2. You have selected the file from new timer file.
      3. QuickBooks timer selects the path and assign a name to the .tbd files.
      4. After all process, you click the “Save” button.
      5. After completing all process you see the message your list from QuickBooks. And Click the yes button and read the instruction.

      This answer will fulfill your all queries regarding this and if you need more information, details and hints, Quickbooks Pro timer bar, you click the Help and then Contents.  Contact QuickBooks Help.

      Answered on June 23, 2017.
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