How to get resolve from QuickBooks Error code 6177?


    Getting trouble in QuickBooks from getting a pop-up message of QuickBooks error code 6177.  Please, provide me best solution to get resolve from this error.

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      QuickBooks Error 6177 shows a pop-up message when you are trying to access company file. It happens when a file is located on a server computer and we are trying to access this file locality.

      Do the following steps to get resolve from this error:

        • Move a file on the local computer and then open a company file, if you are getting an error while opening the file then looks for portable company file.


        • Remember to update your QuickBooks on the latest release.


        • Adding windows firewall ports if it is not configured as for QuickBooks users there are some of the ports which need to be open.


        • Turn off hosting if it’s on client computers.


        • Create a new folder and try to access data file from that location, Move the folder to the local computer and try to access data.


        • Folder which contains company file on server computer must have full access to a computer.


        • Server computer which contains QuickBooks file must have full access to folders.

       Quickbooks Error Support Read here more information

      Answered on May 29, 2017.
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