How to fix a Bank account in QuickBooks.

So let’s see ,In this,we will show to you and we are talking about How to fix a bank account in Quickbooks.we can easily add a bank account in QuickBooks.QuickBooks designed to ease the business accounting operations, sometimes is at risk of plenty of errors and problems. one in all the common problems that QuickBooks user face is “QuickBooks is unable to feature checking account.when this error message is displayed means that Error code 102 has occurred.

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If that is the case (and it likely is if you haven’t reconciled for several years) you may be missing transactions in QuickBooks online support. Or you may have duplicate transactions in QuickBooks. and you may have transactions that are marked “reconciled” in QuickBooks  that shouldn’t be. Or you may have transactions that aren’t marked “reconciled” in QuickBooks  that should be.  You may have skipped a couple months of statements.  Etc.

I’m not sure what accountants recommend here. You should reach out to your accountant to find out.  I’m not an accountant so I can’t advise you on that.First unchecked the “show only transactions before the statement date” check box. Note if you downloaded transactions most everything will be marked as “cleared” but not reconciled (light check mark). I usually click Unmarked All to get everything unchecked.

Now go through the paper statement of the current month. Make sure everything in the month is correct – only those items that appear on the statement.  You may have to unchecked a couple near the end of the month for instance because a check was written but hasn’t hit the bank yet.  Just focus on that current month.

But it sure feels good when you have your reconcile caught up and working.  And the newer interface (2013 and later) makes the task far easier than it was in 2012 and earlier.   Also in 2013 and later the reconcile status of every transaction is retained when sharing the file with a QuickBooks online  Windows user like your accountant.

Answered on May 29, 2017.
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