How to download QuickBooks GoPayment transactions into QuickBooks Online?

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    If you are not near computer then you can receive your payments from your customers with  QuickBooks GoPayment application. You only need your smartphone and the QuickBooks GoPayment app. Download and install this application on your Smartphone. Intuit GoPayment is an application which makes debit card and credit card payments quick and easy. It accepts card payments with a simple Intuit mobile card reader for iPhone and android phone users.

    Read an article: Intuit Quickbooks GoPayment to know more about this GoPayment application.

    Here, you will get to know how to download Gopayments transactions into QuickBooks Online. Before downloading transactions, you make sure that your QuickBooks Online company is connected to a compatible QuickBooks Payments account and you have processed at least one credit card transaction using the QuickBooks GoPayment app.

    Now, you just need to follow the detailed instructions step by step:

    1. At the top, choose the Gear icon > Import GoPayment.
    2. You will see a list of available mobile payments transactions.
    3. You need to click to highlight the paymentwhich you want to record for future use.
    4. Select whether you want to record the paymentas a Receive Payment or Sales Receipt

    Note: Receive Payment transactions will be saved as unapplied payments to a customer. You will need to apply the payment to the corresponding invoice to mark that invoice as paid.

    1. Choose the customer for which you would like to record the payment.
    2. Enter in any other details you’d like, such as a memo.

    Note: In the QuickBooks GoPayment app, use the “Add Memo” button on the Review Order screen to take advantage of this feature.

    1. Once everything looks right, click on Save & Continue or Save & Done.
    2. Categorize of all payment.
    3. Then a dialog willdisplay which will indicate that the payments are being saved as QuickBooks Online transaction.

    Now, you have done!

    Hope this answer will be helpful for you. For further help and information, you can contact to the experts through the QuickBooks Online support phone number 1 (855) 441 4417 which is toll free and globally available for any type of help you want.

    Answered on August 10, 2017.
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