How to download and install QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop?

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      Below are the steps how to download QuickBooks Point Of Sale For Desktop: –

      1. To download, sign up into the QuickBooks Online Account if you don’t have.
      2. If you have already register firstly log in.
      3. Enter your User ID and Password.
      4. If you forgot your id then forgot your User Id.
      5. If you forgot your Password, go to Forgot Password.
      6. Click Log In.
      7. Click Products on the left side of the screen
      8. Select your product.(If you have more than one account you may also change log in at any time).
      9. Follow the on-screen instructions to download.


      When the download is complete, open it but firstly we install QuickBooks Point OF Sale: –


      These are the steps how we install QuickBooks Point Of Sale in Desktop.


      1. Go to the location where QB Point of Sale download then double-click on it to run the Point of Sale installation.
      2. Click Yes if ask for overwrite the existing files.
      3. Click on Next Button.
      4. Select on the Agreement terms in the license and then click on next.
      5. Enter your Product Number and License number and then click on Next Button.
      6. Select the number of computers to be used.
      7. Select user either single or multiple.
      8. Select workstation either Server or Client which one you want, what’s you need.


      After the installation can be completed once you restart your desktop and then open the QuickBooks Point of Sale.

      At last click on the activate QuickBooks Point of Sale and you’re all set.


      For more information about QuickBooks we also provide a QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service.

      Answered on July 25, 2017.
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