How to delete QuickBooks Web Connector?

    Please provide me step by step solution.

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      Here, I am going to explain you how to delete QuickBooks Web Connector in very effective way. After installing QuickBooks product, a variety of add-ons also assist in your usage of that base product, such as the QuickBooks Web Connector. It enables the program to launch every time you turn on your computer. If you need not to do this, you can disable it by deleting the appropriate startup entry.

      Now, lets get start to delete Web connector:

      • Open Start menu and click on All Programs.
      • Click on Startup and then click on QuickBooks.
      • Right-click on Exchange Data With Web Services.
      • Click on Delete.
      • Click on Yes to disable the QuickBooks Web Connector from automatically launching at startup.

      Hope this will be helpful. To get more help and detail, read an article from this link: How to delete QuickBooks Web Connector?

      Answered on July 13, 2017.
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