How to Create timesheets and time data report .

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      You can use timesheets in QuickBooks to enter your employees’ time data and hours worked to create employee paychecks.

      Expected Outcome

      You can use timesheets to create paychecks.


      You have set up QuickBooks for Time Tracking.


      To create Timesheets:

      1. Click Employees > Enter Time.
      2. You have 2 options for timesheets:
        1. Enter a weekly timesheet to track hours worked.
        2. Enter a single activity.

      Weekly Timesheet

      To enter a weekly timesheet to track hours worked

      To create batch timesheets

      Single Activity

      To enter a single activity (with a start and stop feature to track time worked):

      Print Timesheets

      To print weekly timesheets

      To print a blank timesheet:

      Create Time Data Report

      Create a Report that shows timesheets data for one or more employees:


      More Information To visit our site QuickBooks Online Help Support


      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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