How to Create Timesheets and Time Data Report with QuickBooks?

    How to Create Timesheets and Time Data Report with QuickBooks?

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      Time sheets are important for tracking the time spent by each employee on a specific job. Company all over the world employ tools like time sheets for tracking the amount of work done by each worker.

      This also helps the company in assess the amount of time needed for a particular job as well as the capability an employee has in a particular task. Also, with the help of timesheets company can easily calculate the amount of salary they need to pay to each employee.


      Steps given below to enable time tracking in QuickBooks:


      • Sign into QuickBooks with an administrator account.
      • Switch to single user mode. Make sure all other active users know about they might lose their data.
      • click the edit menu. If you cannot see it then press the Alt button on your keyboard. This will show the menu.
      • Select preferences and hit time and expenses
      • Among all the tabs, select company preferences.
      • Tick the radio button against “Do you track time”
      • Select the date considered to be the week start in your organization.
      • Click on OK.


      Steps given below for creating Timesheets and Time Data Report:


      • From the left navigation panel click on Reports.
      • Select on Jobs, Time and Mileage.
      • Select Time by Name.
      • Click on Customize Report.
      • Hit Filters and click the necessary columns that you want in the report.
      • Select the names of employees you want to include in this report. You can select multiple employees while creating Time Data Report.
      • Click on
      • Click on Save Changes.


      With the help of these steps you can easily create Timesheets and Time data report. Time data report based entirely on timeslips. Also, when you are creating these forms and reports, make about accuracy of the data entered.


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      Answered on July 31, 2017.
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