How to Create an invoice your customer can pay online?

    Create an invoice your customer can pay online .QuickBooks online 2015 R5 and proud supports e-invoicing, a feature which allows you to make an invoice that your customers can pay online or from their mobile devices.

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      QuickBooks Payments is to hand at an calculation cost. Learn more and apply.

      When you send an invoice when an Online Payment type chosen, your customer will profit an email that invites them to view the invoice. From there, your customer can click a Pay now button to pay you online and even have the option to save their payment opinion to use again in the merged.

      Alternatively, you can click Save and share member to copy a colleague to the invoice that you can send your customer through email or text declaration so they can pay it online.

      To email the invoice:


      1.Click Create (+) > Invoice.

      2.Under Online Payment, choose the types of payment you’ll state you will.

      3.Enter the invoice details. Make certain to similar the customer’s email domicile.

      4.Click Save and send.

      5.Review the invoice in the Send email window. You can ensue any adding together 6.opinion to the topic heritage and body of the email.

      7.Click Send and near.

      To email or text a member to the invoice instead:


      1.Click Create (+) > Invoice.

      2.Under QuickBooks Online Payment, choose the types of payment you’ll admit.

      3.Enter the invoice details. Make pardon to adjoin the customer’s email habitat.

      4.Click Save and share colleague.

      5.Click Copy member and near.

      6.Paste the member into an email or a text notice and send it your customer.

      Answered on August 9, 2017.
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