How to create a refund receipt in QuickBooks?

    what is the way of refund receipt in QuickBooks and what is the use of it.

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      1. Open the file menu and select Refund Receipt option to open a new refund receipt.
      2. In the refund receipt window, choose a customer from the drop-down suggestions menu.
      3. Now submit the customer information, and choose a preferred Payment Method from the drop-down suggestions menu to specify how you will be paying the customer’s refund.
      4. Now this time you will prefer the customers account you want the refund to come from. now marked a label of Refund receipt From, and choose an account in the drop-down menu. This is the account you want the refund payment method to draw funds from.
      5. Now At this time choose the product or service from under the column header labeled “PRODUCT/SERVICE,” that you’re issuing a refund to this customer for.
      6. Now check the Amount column to ensure that refund amount is correct or not.
      7. This time Take one note of the check number of the account. You may also check the account number which is entered.
      8. When you’re finished with the refund receipt, you can choose Print Check at the bottom of the screen or select the box beneath your check number to enable the Print Later option.
      9. Now Exit the refund receipt window if your work has finished, then choose Save and Close.

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      Answered on July 26, 2017.
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