We are not integrated the application of QuickBooks. Please tell me the how to the integrated in the Quickbooks.

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so finally we are showing to you. How to control Integrated applications in Quickbooks.The Integrated Applications section of the preferences section needs to do with all of the applications that can be linked up with QuickBooks. QuickBooks Integrated Applications Company Preferences There are many applications that can be used in conjunction with QuickBooks, too many to hide here, thus we’ll simply cowl the final choices during this section. the only tab available during this section is the Company Preferences tab.

There are some point of  integrated applications:-

1.Don’t allow Any Application to Access this Company File

.Selecting this feature can stop any outside applications from being able to use the files and records during this company.

2.Notify the User before Running any Application whose Certificate has expired

Most legitimate applications that work with QuickBooks have a certificate to prove that they are authentic and are not going to steal information from the company file. Turning this option on will send word users if the certificate is out of date.

3.Applications that have previously requested Access to this Company File

This section contains a list of all of the applications that have previously attempted to access this file. From here you can read and change the properties of every application, remove applications from the list, or stop end|bring to a halt|interrupt} an application’s access.

For More info contact to QuickBooks Technical support.

Answered on May 29, 2017.
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