How to connect your bank accounts in QuickBooks online?

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      Follow each and every step in ascending order to connect your bank accounts in QuickBooks online:

      Here some steps are given.

      • Choose Banking on the left side.
        • If you’re not connected to a Bank A/c, search the name of your financial institution.
        • If you’re already connected to a Bank, then click Add Account button at the top right of the screen and search your financial institution name.
      • Choose your financial institution from the given list.
      • Enter your User Id and password for the financial institution website and click Continue.
      • Complete the extra security verification if your financial institution requires it, then click Securely connect.
      • Click the Bank emblem to the left of the account that you want to connect and choose the account type drop-down menu to choose a bank or credit card A/c. You’ll have to choose either a Bank or Credit Card account.
        • When you first connect to your A/c, QuickBooks online downloads the last 90 days of transactions and going forward will automatically download your banking and credit card transactions. For a shorter length of time, click Need a shorter date range.
      • Click Connect. (Note: This could take a few minutes.)
      • After your download finishes, you’ll be taken back to the Banking page. For Review, the tab will contain transactions downloaded from the financial institution that you can review, categorize, and accept to QuickBooks.

      If you are unable to Add the account you can directly call our QuickBooks customer support phone number +1-855-441-4417.

      If your bank is not listed you or otherwise can’t connect. Or if you need to have more than 90 days worth of data, you may be able to download transactions from your bank’s website and upload them to QB Online.

      Answered on June 24, 2019.
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