How to become QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

How can I become ProAdvisor

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You have decided to become QuickBooks ProAdvisor is right to you. But then when you are a bookkeeper, accountant, business consultant or financial professional which often works with businesses that are using QuickBooks, becoming a certified ProAdviser will help in enhancing your knowledge and will help separate yourself from other service providers. In addition, the intuit will help you to run your way in a new way by adding them to find a ProAdvisor database. Before starting, you will want to understand the basic and fundamental bookkeeping. Although this is not a necessity, there will be some experience with QuickBooks.

There are 4 Step to become QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Step 1-  Enroll in the ProAdvisor program

Step2- Study

First, you have to learn how to use the software first, there are several types of resources available for online bookkeeping and personalized QuickBooks software. Preparation classes for certification exams are also available in conferences and trade shows including the Intuit QuickBooks Connect Conference.

Although books and classes are available, the most recommended study resource are training modules available on the ProAdviser website are those that you can access the program after enrollment. There is no time limit or restriction on how often it can be used. So use as much as you like.

Step 3- Take out the present Certification Exam.

There is 4 part in the examination, which can be desired in any order, with every 35 question. For the QuickBooks 2015 certification, you will have 6 attempts to get 85% or better on each segment of the exam. It has been estimated that a person with basic QuickBooks knowledge that has completed the training module, should be able to complete the exam in 3-4 hours.  

Note- If you are trying to get re-certified again, you will have four attempts in a section with 35 question, and only “New What’s” information for QuickBooks 2015 will be tested.

Step 4- Increase your knowledge and grow your business

Once you become certified, take advantage of branding established programs to help drive customers. ProAdvisor is one of the most important things in a listing. When logged into, you will find it under my ProAdvisor drop down, then select “Profile”. Add a profile picture, fill out the contact information, and then make sure the “Public” selection at the top is set to “On”.

The next thing that would like to do to help yourself in the market as ProAdvisor, adds the ProAdvisor badge that you have earned in your website or marketing collateral(brochures, business cards, signage etc.). Once the exam passes, the certified ProAdvisor badges are available for download with your certificate(.jpg, .png, .eps and online format).

Answered on November 20, 2018.
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