How do you set up multiple users in QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

    how can i set up multiple user in quickbooks pro so .

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      Set up multi-user or network for QuickBooks Desktop

      The following articles will assist you start if this can be your initial time to put in and use QuickBooks Desktop in an exceedingly multi-user or network atmosphere. Follow the steps within the order shown below.

      • Installation and setup
      • Install QuickBooks Desktop
      • Add Windows admin rights to permit configuration of multi user access
      • Map a network drive (optional)
      • Configure Firewall and net security settings for QuickBooks Desktop
      • Set up the QuickBooks information Server Manager and scan your file
      • Open a corporation file that’s settled on a distant laptop

      Benefits of multi using facility in QuickBooks desktop:

      There are some benefit with multi user setup in QuickBooks desktop:

      • Increased flexibility
      • Increased efficiency
      • Activities makes it productive and familiar

      I hope the answer gives you satisfaction and get the suitable help. If you need more help you can visit on QuickBooks desktop.

      Answered on July 10, 2017.
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