How do you change a vendor to an employee in QuickBooks?

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      To change the vendor to an employee, QuickBooks client has to get the employee set up as an employee. A client of mine set up an internal employee as the vendor by accident and the best case of scenario would be to have voted for him listed under vendor and all of his allocations to date be toward employee status.

      There is no option in QuickBooks to change a name type from anything other than Other Names.


      • Changing the customer to a vendor or employee
      • Changing the vendor to an employee or customer
      • Transforming an employee to a vendor or customer

      There are two options available if you need to change a name type are

      • Delete the name and again create it under the proper type of name. This is useful if no transactions exist for the name.
        • Go to the Center(Customer Center, Vendor Center, or Employee Center) in which the name currently exists.
        • Right, click the name and select Delete.
      • Make the name inactive and create it once again under the proper name type. Use this method if there are transactions are with the name.
        • Go to the center.
        • Right-click the name, and select make inactive.

      Point to remember: We can only change the different names to another type of name ( vendor, customer or employee). Once the changes are made the type of name can be changed.

      If you have an employee record and want to change the record to a vendor so for this you must delete the original employee record or make it inactive.

      Creating Vendor Record

      • Firstly, click the Employees menu and select the Employee Center.
      • Right-click the Employee you want to turn into a Vendor and select Delete or Make Inactive.
      • Click the Vendors menu and Vendor Center. Alternatively, click the “Vendors” icon, is shown.
      • Now, click the New Vendor.
      • Enter the required information in the Vendor Name, Currency and current Opening Balance fields from the previous Employee record.
      • Go to the address info tab and choose additional info.
      • In additional info provide all of the required information and include optional default expense accounts in the Account Profile tab.
      • Now, click OK to save and close the new vendor information.

      Convert Employee Transactions

      • Firstly, click the Employees menu and select the Employee Center.
      • Choose the Employee tab and choose the original Employee to view all of the transactions associated with the account.
      • Now, double-click each transaction that needs to be set to the new vendor.
      • Change the employee name to the new vendor name.
      • Now click to save. Complete the process for each transaction.

      When you complete the changed procedure of transactions between vendor transactions and employee transactions, you may delete the employee, if desired.

      Dial QuickBooks Support Number +1-855-441-4417 to get Live Help & Support

      Answered on June 24, 2019.
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