How do I set GST in my QuickBooks Online?

    I want to turn on GST tracking for my QuickBooks Online.

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      Follow these instructions to turn on GST in QuickBooks Online:

      • Left-hand side navigation bar GST > Click Set up GST.
      • Ensure that you choose the correct GST method that you are registered for: Complete the information required:
        • Cash or Accruals
        • Lodging frequency: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly
        • Any PAYG installments
        • Any other taxes like WET, Luxury Car Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax or Fuel tax credit.
      • Click Rates & settings (the default tax codes are automatically generated). Now see the GST codes below.
      • The GST codes are to be used for either sales or purchases and are separated as shown.

      Additional information:

      Answered on March 17, 2018.
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