How do I record fees for the QuickBooks Merchant Service?

    How do I record fees for the QuickBooks Merchant Service?

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      Fees that are subtracted from your QuickBooks Payments transactions are automatically recorded into QuickBooks online once you’ve got connected the accounts. Here’s however you connect your QuickBooks Payments account to your QuickBooks online account:

      1. Select Gear Icon
      2. Select the Payments tab.
      3. Click Connect, if you already have an account. If you don’t have an account yet and want to sign up, click Learn More.

      Now you’ll be able to select the Expense account you want to use to track QuickBooks Payments feeds in for reporting reasons. Here’s how you can change that:

      1. Connect your QuickBooks Payments account.
      2. Select  Gear Icon.
      3. Select the Payments tab.
      4. Change the Expense in the drop menu next to Where should we record Payments fees?

      Now you can easily record fees for the QuickBooks Merchant Service. If you need any support call QuickBooks Payroll Support Number ” +1 855 441 4417″

      Answered on August 16, 2017.
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