How do I make adjusting journal entries in QuickBooks?

    can you explain me how to adjust journal entries in Quickbooks also provide me link.

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      You can produce adjusting journal entries for a range of reasons, together with booking depreciation or amortization, reallocating accruals and reversing accruals of paid financial gain or expenses, adjusting sales tax payable for interest, discounts, or penalties, and getting into bank or master card fees or interest.

      To make an adjusting journal entry:

        1. Go to your client’s company.
        2. Click Create (+) > Journal Entry.
        3. Select the Is Adjusting Journal Entry?QuickBooks
        4. According to requirement enter journal entry.
        5. Now, select save.

      View adjusting journal entries in reports

      You can view adjusting journal entries in the following reports:

      • Adjusting Journal Entries
      • Adjusted Trial Balance

      You can also turn on an Adj column in the following reports:

      • Journal (accountant users see the Adj column by default)
      • Transaction Detail by Account (accountant users see the Adj column by default)
      • Transaction List by Date
      • Transaction List with Splits
      • Recent Transactions
      • General Ledger

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      Answered on July 21, 2017.
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