How do I fix QuickBooks crashing opening files?

    so plz help me How do I fix QuickBooks crashing opening files .provide the solution

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      Do you have any resources of Quickbooks find out the QuickBooks Accountant 2015 since the latest Win10 update? I was having issues with QB opening fiels before but if I moved them to the desktop I could open them. Now I cannot open any file no matter where it is located.

      The bit link that was given for problems with Win10 & quickbooks crashing isn’t available anymore. I I have run repair (from uninstall menu), run intuits diagnose tool, uninstalled, run clean install and re-installed and still haven’t managed to fix the situation. On top of that I cannot actually get to talk to a person on Intuits help line. They keep saying they are transferring me and I end up thrown right back into the main line menu and getting nowhere.

      Read here about Quickbooks Not Working OR Responding Support

      Answered on June 14, 2017.
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