How do I export QuickBooks Invoice to Excel?


    can anyone help me to export invoice in to Excel

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      There may be times that you want or need to export Invoice data from your QuickBooks software into an surpass program. Follow these easy steps:

      1. Go to the Reports tab & select Sales, & Sales by customer Detail.
      2. That opens a report. From there you can filter the specific customer’s that you would like along with specific dates. you will want to choose date ranges like a particular week, quarter, or year.
      3. For the date range: directly above the report is a row with date choices. select what is acceptable for your needs.
      4. You can customize the report by selecting numerous filters.
      5. Click on customize Report & a screen can pop-up to modify the Report.
      6. On that screen select the Filters tab.
      7. For a particular customer’s: select Name within the left column, & then choose either one customer name within the next column or choose the Multiple Names possibility.
      8. That will modify the Sales by customer Detail report for the specified customer/s.
      9. Click the surpass button to export it into an excel program. You will have the choice to export the data into a new worksheet or update an existing one.

      Let us know if we can help you in your search. If this recommended resolution does not fix the problem, please visit QuickBooks customer Service. If you wish to get technical support, you can contact professional IT person QuickBooks Customer Service Number: +1-855-441-4417

      Answered on May 30, 2017.
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