How do I configure ODBC of QuickBooks Enterprise?

    How do I configure ODBC of QuickBooks Enterprise?

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      It is so easy. Just follow below steps:

      1. First, you select the File name menu after that Utilities > Setup ODBC.
      2. Click the General tabs.
      3. Use the company file that’s now open in QuickBooks option.
      4. Enter the QuickBooks Data.
      5. Test Connection to Quickbooks button.
      6. The Message “test connection to QuickBooks successful”
      7. Choose the Message tab
      8. Detail tracing
      9. Display Optimizer status panel
      10. To view the details of what ODBC is working on, select the Display Driver Status Panel.
      11. Click Apply.
      12. Click the Optimizer tab.
      13. Use the Optimizer box.
      14. The Start the every Query.
      15. Click OK to exit the ODBC Driver setup

      For more information you can visit here Install and configure the QuickBooks Enterprise ODBC Driver

      Answered on August 1, 2017.
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