How do I Adjust Multiple Liabilities at the Same Time in QuickBooks Payroll?

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    Adjusting payroll Liabilities in a compulsory to avoid errors and complications. It can be done easily and the process is not at all difficult. You can adjust more than one liability at the same in QuickBooks payroll. You can only use one date for a liability adjustment. You need to use a separate adjustment transaction for each period when you want adjustment for more than one period. You also need to understand that the adjustment are correct by selecting the reports when finished. All you need to do is follow the steps carefully. Once done ,you can be sure that the problem will be resolved.

    Solution :

    This Steps can be implemented for current transactions. You can adjust payroll liabilities :

    • Select Taxes and under it choose QuickBooks Payroll Tax.
    • Select Enter prior tax history
    • Now, click on the Add Payment tab.
    • Now , input the required information in the create Prior Tax Payment fields.

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    Answered on July 19, 2017.
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