How do I add GST to my invoice in QuickBooks?

I want to add GST to my invoice it’s urgent, can anyone help me?

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You will need t set up the sales taxes, By going the main taxes page through the left hand menu of the GST And Accounting software. First you setup sales taxes after that you will notice in new transaction there is now a section to apply sales tax codes.
We will take a look of the Default GST. It is generated in the system again in the GST is set up into the QuickBooks. QuickBooks Online the sales and purchases forms have separate codes. You makes that the GST Is setup prior to any transactions being entered.
You are collect the complete information of the GST setting into the Quickbooks Online.
* Accruals or cash
* Lodging frequrncy: Monthly, half-yearly or yearly, Quarterly
* Any other taxes such as WET, luxury car taxes, Fringe Benefit tax or Fuel tax.

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Answered on June 30, 2017.
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