How can i fix QuickBooks update error 1328?

How can i fix QuickBooks update error 1328?

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QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software. But sometimes, errors make it very frustrating for users, QuickBooks update error 1328 is one of them. This error can happen during the repair process, as well as when you try updating, repairing, installing, or uninstalling QuickBooks and if you having the query you may get rid of it by contacting to QuickBooks Support Team.

Possible Reason for QuickBooks Error 1328

A possible reason for QuickBooks update error 1328 can be installing a version (for example QuickBooks 2009) with a different license number than the 2009 version that is currently installed.

The reason for this update error is the .tmp files in the config.msi folder prevent QuickBooks from finishing the update

Fix This Issue

For fixing this error experts recommend you two types of solutions. Read and follow the instruction, you will get a good result.

Solution 1

The first step is to rename the .tmp files in the config.msi folder on the computer.  Locate the config..msi file before rename.

  • Firstly open windows explorer.
  • Then, double-click on the C: drive
  • Show hidden files and folders (Tools > Folder Options > Select View tab >Hidden files and folders > select Show hidden files and folders > Click Apply and OK)
  • Show protected operating system files (Tools > Folder Options > Select View tab > Deselect Hide protected operating system files > Click Apply and OK)
  • Right-click config.msi and select Rename. Add .old to the end of the file name and press Enter (the file name should now be Config.msi.old)
  • Hide protected operating system files and hidden files and folders again (following Step 3 and 4 above, but hiding, instead of showing)

Solution 2

Firstly check, the Error appears with only the Retry or Cancel buttons. If it appears with Retry or Cancel, select to Retry Button one time. If this does not allow the process to continue click Cancel Button. After canceling the process, follow these steps to resolve this issue. Maybe the first step resolves your issue or you may need to try all three.


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Answered on December 2, 2017.
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Error 1328 can occur when updating QuickBooks. It can appear as a single error or before another error, and the files referenced by these errors are usually similar to c:\config.msi\PT**.TMP. Error 1328 is presented in different ways. The text and options are different, depending on the cause. you can fix it by

Solution 1: Reinstall using a clean install.

Solution 2: Run the Install tool found here:  Fix common installation errors using the QBInstall tool

if you want some technical support you can visit on QuickBooks Support Phone Number

Answered on December 8, 2017.
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