How can I delete an invoice in QuickBooks online?

Tell me clear ,How can i delete invoice in QuickBooks.I want to know more .

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If you deleted the invoice and you deleted the posted transaction, so then affect the our report totals and the customer account balances.
You create the invoice non-posted transactions and including the invoice available again to the next invoice.
Delete the invoice
First we find and locate the invoice to delete.
Delete the selected inforamation from the drop down selector.
After deleting the invoice you only record of the auidt log.

We can also selected the invoice from the menu. you leaves behind the some record of the data in invoice and reverses the transaction of Adevened inventory system in copmuter software.

Invoice System will be may need to be deleted the invoice. And If you delete an invoice to you will not work to longer exist in your accounting balance.

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Answered on May 29, 2017.
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