How Can I Decide That Which Version Of QuickBooks Web Connector Is Best For Me?

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      The QuickBooks Web Connector Server component is designed to process the request from QuickBooksWC and fire events that allow you to provide information to, and get information from QuickBooks.

      If you are planning to use QuickBooks web connector then you should know that it works only with QuickBooks 2015 or later versions.

      QuickBooks Web Connector Files

      The first step in establishing a relationship between your application and a remote instant of the QuickBooks is to generate a QWC file. this file specified information about your application, its requirement, as well as the access you need. The CreateQWCFile technique makes the QWC document which must be produced for every client of your application. the minimum properties of QuickBooks are.

      • AppDescription – A brief description of the application.
      • AppName – The name of the application.
      • AppSupportURL – A URL where users can find support for your product.
      • AppURL – The URL of your web application.
      • FileId – GUID stored as an extension to the company record in QuickBooks along with the OwnerId.
      • OwnerId – GUID which identifies your application.
      • User – The user name must be used to access your web service.

      Here are some tips for web connector and its versions:

      With QuickBooks point of sale:

      You already know that QuickBooks has released multiple versions of web connector. If you are using QuickBooks point of sale then you should use this 2.030 version.

      With desktop version 2015 or later:

      if you are using the 2015 or later version of QuickBooks Desktop then you should go for the version.

      How can I replace the version of web connector If already have the web connector and still it shows

      The first thing you need to do is, Make sure that there is only one version installed on your PC.

      For example: If you install and 2.2.071 is still installed on your PC then you need to delete the old version 2.2.071 completely, otherwise, you will continue to see 2.2.071 version there. Read these given instructions to set up the web connector:

      Here are the steps to install the version

      • Download the version and place it on desktop
      • Now Go to C:\Program File(x86)\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBWebConnector
      • Now right Click on QBWebConnector and choose to pin in the taskbar.
      • After applying this you can see the Web Connector Icon at the bottom of the screen in yellow color.
      • Now click on that icon to pair with QuickBooks.

      If you are still confused then talk to our Certified QuickBooks Accountants to more discussion on this topic. If you have any other query in your mind then please visit our QuickBooks Community. Still, if you cannot find your answer then you simply can post a Question there.

      Answered on June 24, 2019.
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