How can I customize my sales invoice and other transaction in QuickBooks online?

    How can I customize my sales invoice and other transaction in QuickBooks online?

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      Do you want to customize your sales invoice and other types of transactions invoices? If yes then read this article to know that how can you customize invoices or your work through QuickBooks Online.

      QuickBooks online has a standard template for customization. And it affects all the transactions types. You can create your own template according to the need. But You can only use these custom template for the invoices creation, estimates, and sales receipt.

      Here are some example

      If you want a red colour for all invoices and a blue colour for purchase invoices, then you can use the benefits of customizing the template by making a customized template for different use.

      If you want your statements to be green and purchase order is blue, it may not be possible. Because you have only one standard template and it has one single colour. Creating a new template only works for invoice, estimates and for purchase orders.

      If you want to publish your contact information on invoices, but not on the purchase orders. For this, you have to remove your contact information from the standard template. And have to create a new template with all the information.

      Note:- New template creations allow us to advance customization, but it works in invoices, estimates and sales receipts. you can customize the standard template, which will impact on all types of transactions. But you can use only one at a time.

      Here is the Step to change the style of transaction forms in QuickBooks

      1. Click on the Gear icon>Custom form styles.
      2. To change the basic style for all types of forms, click on Edit and then click on the New style. Now Choose Invoice, Estimate or Sales receipt from the list in the drop-down menu to start a new style.
      3. In the customize form style page, go through from all the tabs option at the left to the experiment with the changes you can create.
        • Design:- choose the following options along the left.
          • Drive in with a template: It is used to choose different templates.
          • Make logo edit: It is used to add or edit our company logo.
          • Splash on some colour: It is mainly used for the colour palette. you can use HTML colour codes.
          • If you want to get choosy with your front: It is used to change the font, you can see multilingual characters such as Chinese on invoices, set font and line heights to trial by this tool.
          • Edit print settings: It is used to adjust how the form will print.
        • Content:- Click on the right side on the preview option to select the section of the form which you want to customize.
          •    Header- Click on the top of the preview. Here you can update your business information that shows along with the basic information in the form.
          • Table- In this section, you can choose the fields which you want to show on the form, Including the account summary. you can also click on Show more activity options for more extra options.
            • There is no way to edit the Description column width directly. If you want to edit the column width, you have to edit the product/service column width.
          • Footer- Click on the bottom of the preview. In this section, you get the option of showing information at the bottom which you want to display.
        • Emails- you can select the default email message option which you want to send our Invoice, Estimate, Sales Receipt. you also get an option of email reminder here.
        • Payment- Here you choose the payment method which you want to appear on invoices sent by email.
      4. Once the preview looks the way you want, then click on one of these options:
        • Preview PDF
        • then Save and Exit  

      If you add a new style, you can see it listed on the Customs Form Styles page. If you want to make a form default then Click on the drop-down you can see it next to the edit icon > select to make default.

      Note: QuickBooks Online does not allow you to rearrange or move the fields on the invoice and other forms.

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      Answered on April 9, 2018.
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