Error 1904: [2] failed to register, when installing QuickBooks Desktop or laptop

    answer Error 1904- (file path/name / extension] failed to register is usually caused by an incorrect file setting or damaged file. If multiple errors are displayed and they specifically mention the ICWrapper.dll, qbprefs.dll, RcnFndRequestHandler.dll and qbupdate.exe (among others), then the problem is probably caused by a damaged component of Microsoft Visual C++. This error can also occur if you are installing QuickBooks Desktop after upgrading your operating system (such as XP, window, Vista) Resolve Error 1904: [file path / name / extension] failed to register There are times that special cases need a different approach. Unless you have one of the special cases below, run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool. Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool Click Ignore on the error message and let the installation complete. DO NOT open QuickBooks Desktop. Restart your computer If the installation did not complete, download and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. Reboot your computer. If running the tool did not resolve the issue, activate the Built in Administrator and install QuickBooks under the built in administrator account.

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      QuickBooks error 1904 is an problem that arise when an unanticipated circumstance appears or while a desired operation went wrong. Once you have an error in Windows, it might be critical and cause your programs to freeze and crash or it might be apparently inoffensive yet damn.
      Causes of QuickBooks error 1904:-
      Once you get QuickBooks error 1904 error alert, it indicates there is malfunction of the windows system. Several reasons may be blamed for the QuickBooks error 1904 error: Install or Uninstall incorrectly which leads to bad/invalid registry;
      The hard disk space is not enough or can’t access to the computer. Your computer is infected by virus or malware and that results in system files can’t be found, Erroneous operation — deleted related file accidentally, etc. If you have no idea which reason it is led to QuickBooks error 1904 in your condition, with the aid of an automatic repair tool will be easier to repair QuickBooks error 1904.
      Symptoms of QuickBooks error 1904:-
      QuickBooks error 1904 failed to register occurred once your PC is critical and unstable system files fails to react or starts missing. It takes place whenever your computer is not being maintained regularly. To prevent from further loss and damage of data you need to solve at once.
      To fix QuickBooks error 1904:
      Step 1: First, download and install QuickBooks install diagnostic tool.
      Step 2: Now, activate hidden admin account on windows.
      Step 3: Then, login to built in admin account on windows.
      Step 4: Now, disable built in admin account.
      Step 5: Now, set proper user folder access permission.
      Step 6: Then, add QuickBooks to the exception list of any security program installed on windows.
      Step 7: Now, reinstall adobe flash player to remove QuickBooks install error 1904.
      I hope it will works for you, if neither works, visit this link to learn in detail: QuickBooks enterprise support number+1-855-441-4417
      Answered on October 10, 2017.
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