Enhanced sales order fulfilment with Android app in the QuickBooks Desktop 2018?

    Enhanced sales order fulfillment with Android app in the QuickBooks Desktop 2018? Give the perfect answer?

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      QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment is the most significant new feature of this year’s release. It is a major overhaul of the workflow for picking inventory items to fulfill open sales orders. One of the important aspects of this new workflow is the ability to work with a remote bar code scanning device. Intuit is finally coming up with a useful bar code scanning feature!

      This new feature is found only in QuickBooks Enterprise V18, as a part of the Advanced Inventory feature that comes with an Enterprise Platinum level subscription. This will only be available in the US version.

      Please note that these screen shots were taken from a per-release version, so there may be some minor differences from what you see in your copy.

      In this article, I’m looking at an early release of the product, and certain aspects of it are evolving rapidly. Intuit is taking feedback from test users, and early adopters after it is released, in order to modify the workflows to fit the needs of multiple kinds of businesses. I’ll point out some areas where I think there should be changes, and you may see some of these features changed by the time you get your hands on it.

      This is the third of my series of articles on QuickBooks 2018, which includes:

      1:- QuickBooks 2018 Has Arrived! An overview of all the new features and changes, and details on features that apply to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise.
      2:- QuickBooks 2018 Additional Details: Details on QuickBooks security improvements as well as updates to QuickBooks Payments, QuickBooks Payroll, and QuickBooks Accountant.
      3:- QuickBooks Enterprise Order Fulfillment with Barcode Scanning: This article. This is an exciting, major new feature for Enterprise inventory users!
      4:- QuickBooks Enterprise Order Fulfillment – Part 2: There is so much to talk about here, it will take me two articles!

      QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment:-

      Intuit is aiming this toward Enterprise customers who are in what they consider to be the mid-segment. The kind of user will probably have 5 to 10 employees, 10,000 feet of warehouse space or less, and may or may not have bin locations or barcodes. There is probably a warehouse manager who is working with employees or possibly with contract workers hired on a need basis. The warehouse manager will have access to QuickBooks but none of the workers doing the picking should be in the system, or even have computer access.
      There is support for multiple locations and serial numbers. I’m going to start off showing the basic system, and then I’ll come back to show how those features are supported later in this article.
      Working with Remote Devices:-

      Intuit introduced barcode support in QuickBooks Enterprise V13, but there were many limitations in that release. One of the disappointing shortcomings at that time was that you could not use a remote barcode scanner. Your scanner had to be directly connected to a Windows computer that was running QuickBooks. This meant you would have to either walk around the warehouse lugging a laptop with your scanner, or do all of your scanning in one fixed location. Very limiting.
      With QuickBooks 2018 Enhanced Order Fulfillment, Intuit has taken a much more sophisticated approach – one that I’ve found to be very easy to set up and work with. This is a significant improvement!

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      Answered on September 20, 2017.
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