Convert Retail Pro data to QuickBooks Point of Sale?

    How to convert the  QuickBooks Pro data  retail  to Point of sale. please give the sutable answer.

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      Enter the Intuit and Microsoft, Both companies giving the solutions for retail businesses that-at least theoretically. QuickBooks Retailers order a comprehensive the software solution for and Inventory management system. Retailers Quickly and easily set up the shop. Intuit Quickbooks Point of sale First released in 2001. One of the most common Financial and accounting software packages on the market. Quickbooks Point of sale Software available both in retail stores like Office Depot and online.

      Quickbooks Point of sale and Microsoft’s point of sale similar to the concept of Quickbooks. Although in my experience and neither the level of hardware integration. The interface is quite as intuitive, for this reason, I decided the use of Quickbooks Point of sale.

      Here is everything you will need to build this low-cost retail system in convert to the Quickbooks Point of sale:

      • Software
      • PC
      • Point of sale
      • Aftermarket add-ons
      • Metrologic Voyager bar-code scanner
      • Set Up and Installation

      Equally impressive, the Quickbooks point of sale software lets you specify reorder thresholds for all inventories. Another excellent touch is that QuickBooks POS can keep comprehensive data on all customers. Once a customer is entered into the POS database, a retailer can track all their purchases and spending habits.

      This will help you for your issues regarding QuickBooks point of sale. If you need more information regarding QuickBooks, just contact on support: QuickBooks Support Phone Number  

      Answered on June 23, 2017.
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