RE: Which one is better: Quickbooks or Tally? Why?

which one is better QuickBooks is the best or Tally is the best. please find the ans.

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The main difference between quickbooks accountinmg software and Tally ERP are and quickbooks accounting software is more popular than other accounting software becz it is the latest software. Quickbooks is used for accounting small and large size business.It provides more important services like:

  • quickbooks pro support.
  • quickbooks online support.
  • quickbooks enterprise customer support.
  • quickbooks technical support.etc

Quickbooks accounting software maintains automatic data backup and it works on time accounting software.quickbooks is provides important benefits given below:


  1. It is developed by Intuit, USA Cloud based software offered in SAAS model.
  2. It has More than 70% of market share in USA small and Medium business segment.
  3. You can link your online banking with QB.
  4. Automatic Data Back up.
  5. No Software Installation.
  6. No version .
  7. No data Mismatch.
  8. Anytime Anywhere Access.
  9. No Synchronization
  10. Multiple Access across locations .
  11. Attachment of purchase/Expenses bill is possible.


  1. It is developed by Tally Solutions, India.
  2. PC system based runs Windows XP or higher version.
  3. It also has More than 70% of market share in India in terms of small & Medium business segment.
  4. No Need of Internet connectivity .
  5. No Renewal cost for Software – One time Buy .
  6. You can maintain many no. of company books of accounts.
  7. Low cost ERP.
  8. It has it’s own TDL Language and powerful data server.
Answered on May 29, 2017.
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