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Find the  Correct answer in QuickBooks Web Connector & How Its work to proper way

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Managing Product Order and customers information is much easier with intuits  QuickBooks .  There are two ways to integrate your store with QuickBooks : through IIF File export and through Intuits  Web Connector software .

Before You Get Started :

    1.                 Web Connector uses the valuation  API , which is included with pro , premium , Gold ,and platinum plans,


    1.                 Your Store must be live on your domain for web connector to work


    1.                 Your Domain must have an active SSL(Secure Sockets Layer ) installed .



Web Connector Integration Step By Step :

Inuit’s  Web Connector enables Web-Based  applications like volusion to exchange data with QuickBooks Product so you can manage your store’s  data with  Intuits software .

STEP 1:  Reset IIF Exports :

The first step is to  make  sure you haven’t already exported data to QuickBooks using the IIF export method . To Check if  you have :

    1.            Go To Inventory > Import/Export  and click The QuickBooks Export Tab .


    1.         In The reset Export Status section on the right side of the page , click the drop down next to the reset button if it shown any dates , This indicates you have used IIF and will need to  reset your data .




Answered on May 29, 2017.
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