RE: What is QuickBooks Error Code 1904 ? How to fix it?


Please provide me step by step solution with its reason.

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Here, I am  going to explain everything  about  to fix QuickBooks error code –1904 in brief.

This error occurs while you are trying to open your Company file  due to damage of QuickBooks Database or due to lack of disk space in your computer or any system.

RE: What is QuickBooks Error Code 1904 ? How to fix it?

To fix this error, you nee d to do following steps:

You need to repair an existing QuickBooks installation. First make sure that QuickBooks should be closed.

  1. Open Control  Panell.
  2. Click  on Programs.
  3. Click  on  Programs and Features.
  4. Select QuickBooks and click on Uninstall.
  5. Click on Next  in the QuickBooks installation window.
  6. Now choose  radio button next to Repair.
  7. Click on Next and then click on Repair.
  8. Click on Finish .

Now, you get this problem solved.  If you are still getting error then re-install QuickBooks file.

Hope this answer will be helpful for you. To get more detail and help, please go through this link: What is QuickBooks Error Code 1904?

Answered on July 7, 2017.
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