RE: How to list transactions based on multiple filters in quickbooks

plz help me how tio list multiple filters in quickbooks

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It’s a good feeling (in a nerdy quite way) after you run a report in QuickBooks and you get precisely the info you’re searching for.
Sometimes the key to it is victimization the proper filter. Filters in QuickBooks merely limit the information that seems on your report.This enables you to fine-tune your reporting results, getting to the crux of what you are looking for much faster.

To add or change a filter in a report, you run the report, then click the Customize Report button. Select the Filters tab. Here is the filter control for Transaction List by Customer:

If you are still not able to locate the invoice, then you can open the Invoice List report. Here’s how:

  • Click Reports on the left pane.
  •  Type invoice list in the Go to report
  •  Click Customize, then click Lists.
  •  Click the down arrow on Customer.
  •  Select the customer’s name.
  •  Click Run Report.

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Answered on July 21, 2017.
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