RE: How to list transactions based on multiple filters in quickbooks

plz help me how tio list multiple filters in quickbooks

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hiiii denium,

Here some steps given below to  list transactions based on multiple filters in quickbooksThere are three buttons to the right of your search results that let you Go To the original transaction, create a QuickBooks Report or Export it to an Excel worksheet.

Now we’ll look at an Advanced Search. Click Reset, or open the Find window again if you’ve navigated somewhere else. Make sure that the Advanced tab is active. We’re going to look for transactions for all of the residential customers in Bayshore, CA, who have had remodeling work done.

  1. We’ll pull out all of the residential customers first. Scroll down in the Filter box and select Customer Type. Drop down the list below the Customer Type field label to the right and select Residential. Click Find. QuickBooks displays your list in the results box below.
  2. Select Class in the Filter box. Click on Remodel in the drop-down list to the right. Click Find, and QuickBooks narrows down your list further.
  3. Go back to the Filter box and select Name City. Type Bayshore in the Name City box and click Find again. Your screen should look something like this (depending on the work you may have done in the sample database):
Answered on July 21, 2017.
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